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If you want advice on carbs from a guy who was low to no ca

If you want advice on carbs from a guy who was low to no carb for a decade..
• If you want to grow, eat them..
• When, how much and what type of carbs matters significantly!
• During training they provide an immediate fuel source, help boost performance and facilitate faster recovery. They keep cortisol down and beneficial hormones up.
• Beneficial for people who want to gain as much muscle possib
le and for highly active people who need every Kcal they can get to increase size.
• The max amount of carbs that can be absorbed during training is around 80g per hour.
• We’re told to eat carbs after training to “spike insulin levels,” to kick muscle growth into overdrive.
That isn’t entirely accurate.
• Insulin doesn’t directly induce protein synthesis like amino acids (especially leucine) do, but it does have anti catabolic properties and is pushing amino acids and glucose (if available) into muscle cells. It also prevents the 'leaking out' of nutrients from the muscle cells that usually occurs in response to training.
• After a workout, your muscles are like sponges, ready to absorb everything and anything you feed them.
• The rate of glycogen resynthesis is highest in the first 30 minutes and then it significantly decreases by 60% through the remaining 4.5 hours of recovery.
• So you want to feed them with something really fast absorbing..
• What you don’t want in your post workout meal is fibers and fats..
• Fructose (makes roughly 50% of the sugar in most fruits, honey, and sucrose ) is actually a low glycemic carb and it can't be directly turned into muscle glycogen like glucose can..
•So fruits are not the best option.
•Solid food is not the best option.
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