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The method behind building muscle is simple

The method behind building muscle is simple: train, eat, sleep, and grow!
However, the science behind growth is not!
It takes a lot more than barbells to build larger and stronger muscles.
Often overlooked, but crucially important role plays our endocrine system in providing the anabolic conditions necessary for optimal lean muscle building (and/or fat loss).
• Insulin/Glucagon - are carbs being stored or released for energy? Also, are carbs being preferentially stored in muscle or fat?
• Cortisol - Is your level of inflammation leading to decreased insulin sensitivity and decreased nutrient uptake?
• GH - Can add to fat loss, but can also lead to fat storage.
• Testosterone/Estrogen - Is your body keeping levels of available testosterone high? Or converting it to estrogen via aromatase?
• Myostatin - Is your body turning on this muscle blocking gene? Or is this gene “disabled” and your muscle building is able to work full steam?
• There are a lot of things to consider when planning your diet and training program..
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