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Muscle Fiber Types & Energy delivery Systems for your muscle

Muscle Fiber Types & Energy delivery Systems for your muscles!

During training your muscles use large amounts of energy. To allow you to keep working out, ATP stores must be replenished quickly. ​
• The Phosphagen energy system is a very high intensity anaerobic energy system ​primarily used in ​high intensity & power activities lasting from ​1-2 seconds up to 25-30 seconds. ​
• Anaerobic glycolysis (lactic acid) energy system is a high intensity ​anaerobic energy system ​primarily used in high intensity activities ​lasting from 25-30 seconds up to 3 minutes. Anaerobic glycolysis ​uses carbs (blood glucose or muscle glycogen) as a fuel source ​and produces lactic acid as a by-product, which causes local muscle fatigue.
• The oxidative (aerobic) energy system is an aerobic energy system ​used during low intensity endurance or long duration activities lasting longer than 3 minutes. The oxidative energy ​system primarily uses carbs and fat as a fuel source.

• Fast-twitch muscle fibers have a high anaerobic capacity as well as a ​fast speed and high force of muscle contraction. Fast-twitch muscle ​fibers fatigue rapidly and have very low endurance. Fast-twitch ​muscle ​fibers are used during high intensity activity (heavy *** training).
• Slow-twitch muscle fibers have a high aerobic capacity as well as a ​slow speed and low force of muscle contraction. Slow-twitch muscle ​fibers fatigue slowly and have high endurance capabilities. Slow-twitch ​muscle ​fibers are used during endurance or low intensity activity (cardio).
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