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If you are bussting your *** in the gym everyday..6 days a week..2 times per day you must know how frustrating it is when you injured a muscle or a joint, and you can't give at the gym anymore. If you can't train giving all you have than what's the point, right !?
• Excessive use of weight and/or bad Form
• Lack of concentration
• Lack of stretching/warm up
• Overtraining
• Lack of proper rest and/or recovery
• Lack of proper nutrition
So what CAN you do about it?
It is important not to disregard the intake of good fats, emphasizing the fish oils which are high on the Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They play a huge role in anti-inflammation and also on hormonal production. If you prefer top quality try NEW Yamamoto® Nutrition OmegaPRO with 5-star IFOS certification!
Take Your Multiple Vitamins/Minerals
They are essential to ensure that your body will operate at maximum efficiency.
Yamamoto® Nutrition RawTOP is a new bread high-quality multi-vitamin & multi-mineral super supplement containing 21 ingredients.
And if you are alredy feeling discomfort or pain in your JOINTS you may want to try Yamamoto® Nutrition ArthroMINE® (Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin, plant extracts & vitamins and minerals) or Yamamoto® Nutrition Flex FORMULA!
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