Odgovor To jun 28, 2016 08:15

Why the Paleo Movement is Dying


Check out this new Instagram post from PaleoFX – the largest Paleo conference.

Makes perfect sense right? Because we all know that cavemen used to drink artificially sweetened soda in the summer, while eating lollipops. So why not sell it?

It’s a perfect illustration of the decline of the Paleo movement. Once, many years ago, it was about a powerful revolution, about massively improving people’s health. Now it’s about selling chocolate bars. Or mayo. Or even soda.

Here’s what’s been happening to Google searches of “paleo” in the last few years:

Going down. Fast.

It’s sad, because getting back to an evolutionarily normal lifestyle is super important for the future health of humanity. But unfortunately “Paleo” is now turning into a joke, and the people at the head of the movement have only themselves to blame.

Maybe it can still be saved, but that would require some drastic action I believe. What do you think?

It’s precisely to try to avoid this decline that we at Diet Doctor have decided to never sell products, never post ads and never take industry money. We’re fully funded by the people, to keep our interests aligned.