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The Paleo vs Ketogenic Diet

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Important Functional Differences in the Low Carb Realm

Peas in a pod, or beets vs broccoli?

There are a lot of similarities between Paleolithic (paleo) and ketogenic diets (KD), particularly when compared to the failed low fat, high carb consensus diet. As a result, people may reasonably assume that all low carb diets are pretty much equal in their nutrient contents and physiological benefits. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and the resultant confusion has distracted us from fully understanding how best to apply carbohydrate-restriction to improve individual well-being and function.

The similarities between Paleo and KD cluster around what they exclude: all grains and grain products (refined and unrefined), peas and beans, and refined sugars. In addition, the paleo diet excludes all dairy (milk, cream, and cheese), whereas the KD allows butter, full fat cream and natural cheeses.

The differences between the paleo diet and KD are many, including:

range of foods allowed (see table 1)
recommended amounts of protein
amounts and sources of carbohydrates allowed or recommended
type, quality, and quantity of science supporting diet safety and efficacy
and most importantly, the source and consistency of fuel to supply
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